LUCASWRITES was founded in 1989 to provide Parents and Caregivers of developmentally disabled persons with practical, comfortable skills, tools and models to communicate crucial information about sexuality and safety issues.


LUCASWRITES Educational Video Productions aims to self-empower, protect and inform this vulnerable population and to encourage self-beneficial, assertive behavior, informed and willing choices based on awareness of self-dignity and self-worth.

Safe & Strong

Strategies for Personal Safety
for Persons with Developmental Disabilities

Four-Part Interactive Educational
Video Series with Companion Printed Curriculum Multimedia Package



A collaborative project of:

California Department of Developmental Services

Tri-Counties Regional Center

Tri-Counties Justice and Disabilities Task Force


Lucaswrites Educational Multi-Media, Inc.

All of Us

All of Us

interactive educational/instructional series about sex education

for people with developmental disabilities

“A valuable Program”

James Scholtz, Booklist

“Parents and caregivers will find its message helpful.”

Helen McCullough, Allegheny College