All of Us

frank, well-done discussions about male and female reproductive organs,
contraceptive devices and other relevant topics . . . an informative program
. . . “
James Scholtz, Booklist


Dr. Scott McCann
on Making the most of Teachable Moments:

1. Be Specific

2. Use Pictures, Books or Models

3. Give Short, Simple explanations

4. Ask Questions

5. Talk about Feelings

“All of Us” is a four-part interactive educational/instructional series

about sex education for peoplewith developmental disabilities.Parents of children with developmental
disabilities often feel that they are isolated or on a different planet
when attempting to approach sex education with their children.
Parent discomfort is magnified by a lack of teaching tools and the absence
of a place to begin the conversation. Parental and care-provider silence
on the subject can have horrifying and tragic consequences for uninformed
DD children.

All of Us Goals:

Self-empower, protect and inform this vulnerable population.

Provide Parents and Caregivers with practical, comfortable skills, tools
and models to communicate crucial information about sexuality issues.

Encourage self-beneficial, assertive behavior, informed and willing choices
based on awareness of self-dignity and self-worth.

Create the ability to recognize and report sexual abuse and predatory

Protect against STD’s, HIV/AIDS, pregnancy.

Understand public vs. private time and place, responsible sexual behavior,
and avoid inadvertent legal problems.