Safe & Strong

Strategies for Personal Safety for Persons with Developmental Disabilities

Providing empowering, real-life strategies for personal safety, Safe and Strong can help reduce crime and victimization against people with developmental disablities. Reflecting the actual
world we live in, Safe and Strong includes both non-disabled and developmentally disabled participants.Included in Part 1:

Achieving Confident Bearing

Achieving Confident Bearing:
How to achieve and demonstrate confident personal bearing and awareness of surroundings



Interacting with law Enforcement
Interacting with Law Enforcement:
Appropriate interaction with Law Enforcement Officers. What to Say and Do





Recognizing Dangerous Situations

RecognizingDangerous Situations:
The Safe Zone vs. The Unsafe Zone, plus ‘Stranger Danger’. Includes avoiding White Collar Crime.



Awareness of Surroundings

Awareness of Surroundings:
Strategies for behavior in Public Places, including ATMs, Shopping Centers and Restrooms.




Public Transportation: Strangers

Public Transportation:
How to safely navigate with Public Transportation, including Bus and Taxi.



Preventing Sexual Assault

Preventing Sexual Assault:
Strategies to Stay Safe. How to respond to a known or Stranger Assailant. Plus, preventing Street Robbery



When to Call 911:
How to Be Ready. What to Say, what to do with ID. Also, what to do if you are Lost.



Safe and Strong is a Multi-level media instructional training package which includes a video series and printed curriculum with instructions for discussion and role-playing. Safe and Strong provides a powerful foundation for learning to recognize safe and unsafe
situations, safe behavioral strategies and emergency responses to a variety of dangerous situations. Each 30 minute video includes English Close Captioned. Spanish Language versions are also available.

A collaborative project of:

California Department of Developmental Services

Tri-Counties Regional Center

Tri-Counties Justice and Disabilities Task Force


Lucaswrites Educational Multi-Media, Inc.