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"Teaching children about sexuality isn't an easy task. When the child is developmentally disabled the task is even more difficult. This program teaches strategies and methods for overcoming these difficulties"
Helen McCullough, Allegheny College

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Dr. Scott McCann
Getting Started

Parents, Talk to Your Children.
If I knew then what I know now.

Developmentally disabled young adults talk about:
Goals: their desires and hopes for companionship, relationships, and a normal life.
Thoughts Hopes and Fears about dating and relationships.

Mysteries that they want cleared up about sex and relationships, the social world: "How do you know when . . ."

Inside the Parent Comfort Zone

Lets learn from each other.
Margaret, Louis and Jan, parents of developmentally disabled young adults, sit down together to talk about their experiences. With honesty and humor, they approach the delicate topic of sex education, sharing with each other their paralytic discomfort in talking to their children about the social/sexual arena.

Social Implications
Rick Seward, Legal Advocate at ARC Santa Barbara, considers the social and legal vulnerabilities of developmentally disabled young people in the mysterious realm of social exposure and social skills. He addresses strategies with which to best equip and prepare our young people to navigate the world.

Straight from the Heart
Parents and Children talk to each other.
Real Life conversations between parents and their developmentally disabled children. Parents and children share their thoughts, hopes, fears and concerns about the mysterious, scary and elusive world of social skills. Among the wide range of conversational topics: Louis talks with his son about dating; Jan talks with her daughter about how to say "Stop".

Just Watch This
Professional Educators present a one to one sex education class to developmentally disabled young adults. Nothing is left out; from contraception and HIV prevention to abuse reporting. If you still can't have the conversation, just watch this.

Living with HIV
Crystal Young, HIV Positive
, made some bad choices. Now a happily married mother of two, Crystal and her family live with her past decisions. She speaks frankly about how to talk to your children about their own difficult choices.

It can happen to you
Rick Platt, Trauma Nurse
, HIV Positive, was dedicated to saving lives in the ER until he was infected by an accident at work. Now he dedicates his life to educating young people about the dangers of HIV/AIDS.
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"All of Us" Goals:

Self-empower, protect and inform this vulnerable population.

Provide Parents and Caregivers with practical, comfortable skills, tools and models to communicate crucial information about sexuality issues.

Encourage self-beneficial, assertive behavior, informed and willing choices based on awareness of self-dignity and self-worth.

Create the ability to recognize and report sexual abuse and predatory behavior.

Protect against STD's, HIV/AIDS, pregnancy.

Understand public vs. private time and place, responsible sexual behavior, and avoid inadvertent legal problems.
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All of Us Part 1:
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